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keeley123 | 17:45 Tue 09th Jun 2009 | Home & Garden
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Hi, can anyone recommend some jewellery storage ideas, especially for earrings?


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I use clear plastic compartmentalised storage boxes, approx 270 x 180 x 40 cm, and with 18 fixed size compartments. They stack and you can see what's in them without having to open the lids.

I've separated my stuff into gold, silver and costume, and then into earrings, necklaces and chain-type bracelets.

I keep several pairs of similar earrings in each compartment, so if I want a certain type, eg silver hoops, they are really quick and easy to find, with all the choices in that category together!

I bought them from Robert Dyas, but Ikea sell something similar, with movable dividers.

I realise I sound really sad, but what the h ... it works for me!
I use a cork notice board with thumb tacks to hang things on. would post earings stay on if pushed in? I dont have pierced ears so don't know.
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Thank you I have done some digging on the internet and found a few good items, This looks good m&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&item=160331869708
Might have to get one for darling daughter.
I use day to day tablet organisers for earrings
Found this site They are offering an innovative jewellery box. Might be worth a look there.

yeah you can get loads of really great jewellery boxes on here,Various- jewellery-organisers-and-tools,Jewellery-box
Just purchased a "Swag-Bag" for my Daughter for Christmas. Fantastic for storing all jewellery, hangs over a door, so you can easily see everything from necklaces, bangles, earings, hairclips and more! Very stylish, can't wait till Christmas day when she sorts out all her tangled accessories!!

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Jewellery Storage solution

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