squirrel trapped in atic

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nb1 | 18:07 Fri 01st May 2009 | Home & Garden
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we had a squirrel in the attic so when we saw him outside we got someone to block up the hole. job done! NO!!! it seems there is another one in the attic who has bunched up the insulation He is between the floor of the attic and the ceiling (in the space between). We have seen him fleetingly when we have been up to investigate the noises, and are wondering how toget him out, We have tried t put a small trail ofpeanuts and left the trap door open in the hope he/she will come down. Any ideas, We dont have a ladder big enough to get up to the roof and are not very good on heights any idea?


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You could try try rspca. You need to get him out,they are so destructive.They can chew into wiring and cause a fire.
have you tried playing Elvis 'Dont step on my blue swede shoes' at full blast? in my experience squirels are not too partial to this.

Failing that buy a couple or machine guns and let your kids let rip on the cieling.

Hope this helps
The RSPCA won't be interested - a squirrel is classed as vermin.
The problem is if you trap it you can't release it in to the wild - you will have to keep it or kill it (assuming this is a grey squirrel).

Pest control is your best bet.
Do you know where the point of entry is ? if you say there were a pair, they may have been nesting. -
Ethel is right about the RSPCA - even if the squirrel was'nt classed as vermin - they still would'nt be interested.

You could try one of those human traps, where you bait it with nuts etc - the squirrel goes in and the door closes behind it. Then you could take it to a park, forest etc and release it.

Or your local council may point you in the direction of pest control.

Good Luck
If you are caught releasing a grey squirrel you could be prosecuted - you have to keep or kill it.
as already said you need to call someone to deal with it asp.if the original point of entry is still blocked and it remains trapped it will eventually die up there like the one i had in my loft not pleasant.our local council dosnt deal with them but if you are a tenant your landlord may be able to help good luck
flippin vemin

shoot it before it chews your electrical wires and causes a fire
they make a nice stew Ethel
but dont eat the nuts

sorry knobbers lol
If you call someone out they will lay traps. We had a family in our attic and they put poison in the traps to lure them in think they decapitate them.

I know there was about 8 or 9 of them - they'd bred there felt really awful. The guy had to come back 3 or 4 times before they all went.

They were so noisey at night kept us awake.

Wouldn't advise going up as when they are cornered they can get quite aggresive and can attack you.
Hi all,

They are vermin and can be shot, SHOOT it and your problems will be over.

Errr all this talk of shooting - where are the guns coming from ?????

I know in the USA their pest controllers do carry guns to shoot vermin - but not sure in this country (but I may be wrong).
In the UK it is perfectly legal to shoot grey squirrels (not red squirrels) with an air rifle.
Failing that, it is legal to put them in a bag and kill them with a firm blow to the head.

Why don't you just get the hole unblocked again?
I take Warfarin due to a heart operation in 1973 and I have some 5mg tablets of same which I crush to a powder and mix with a couple of crushed walnuts, and put them where the pests are. Then put a saucer of water near to the bait to hasten the action of the warfarin and soon you will be free of them. Guaranteed. You can buy warfarin from garden centres or ask anyone that takes it for a couple of tabs. I don`t expect the NHS will mind us getting read of grey squirrels.
How does that work carlton - if the warfarin thins the blood, how does that kill the squirrel ?

Oh Ethel - I could'nt wallop the poor squirrel over the head legal or otherwise. I would be too slow at the shooting - time I had found my glasses - the squirrel would have packed his nuts in his suitcase and left the country.....
Den - with the shooting you can trap it first in a cage. No need to go thumping the loft, gun in hand

My neighbour used to put the trap (with the squirrel inside) into the water butt, but this is illegal now.
Den53, Warfarin is also used to kill rats and other vermin by thinning their blood so that they bleed internally. It may take a couple of doses to do the trick,
Ethel, hope you had a lovely holiday, glad to see you back.
Warfarin is a classic rat poison.

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squirrel trapped in atic

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