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Power usage of domestic appliances.

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Snowy Owl | 15:34 Tue 16th Dec 2008 | Home & Garden
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Our electricity bill is showing that we have used more than 50% more power during the day over the last quarter. We are at a loss to know how this can be as nothing has changed in our lives from this quarter last year. The night and storage units have remained similar.

Please can anyone recommend a site where I can look to see how many units various appliances use? My Goolge search has not given me anything useful!

Thanks in advance.


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Bearing in mind that some companies've made 4 energy increases over the last year, that could add quite a lot to your bill.
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It's not to do with the cost per unit, it's purely the extra number of units that have been used.
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IIRC it's been a lot colder than the same quarter last year.
we have had some very cold spells lately and last year the demand on your economy 7 was less to get the storage unit up to store temperature before the thermostat cut out as being satisfied.
This year they have needed a lot more energy to do that hth Tez
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Thanks, docspock for you suggestion.

We are hoping that the electric board are going to come and check things out as it is only the day units that at so high. Our storage heaters run on a completely different tarrif and that remains very similar to the last 5 years.
You can request that the meter be checked for acuracy, Snowy. I believe that the supplier is then obliged to get this done.
I decided not to use any type of heating at all this year, not had the central heating on once even. I have a halogen heater which I put on twice no more than five mins each time. And guess what 6 months later I get a bill which is more than doubled. I was so upset, I knew it couldn't be right. I doubt they believe that I sit at home with gloves on and am suffering this way. I am even changing my flooring to save on hoovering and using the brush instead. N power where fined last summer lots of money so they need to find this money to pay for fines so guess what they up the bills where they can. The thing is once you pay the bills and are seen as being able to pay it it won't stop, the bills rise again, this then ends up being a vicious cycle where the fat cats gain and us lesser well off individuals have to pay.
No one has yet taken into account that with the increase of water, electric, gas which are huge increases and then the food rising, not luxeries bread, milk , potates etc.... peoples wages/benefits are not rising to meet these demands. Why has not the government picked up on this.
Its bad enough that I don't go to clubs, drink , smoke yet I can't afford to live a simple way of life either.
I have voiced my opinion out only to be ignored and its brushed under.

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Power usage of domestic appliances.

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