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wasps attracted by light

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sammmo | 07:27 Thu 28th Aug 2008 | Home & Garden
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I've got a problem with wasps.. I've looked around my house for a nest but cannot see one anywhere.But for the last week my wife and I have been getting up around 5am whilst it is still dark and whilst my wife is in the shower wasps are coming into the bathroom through the quarter light..this morning i wwent into the conservatory and looked up at the window and there was alot of wasps around the window.. is it possible that the wasps are attracted to the light it seems strange that they are out there in the first place because its pitch black outside this time in the other thing is we have a field behind us..


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You probably have a nest in the loft or nearby. Therecan be thousands up there and a few always hang around the entrances. Get a wasp man in and he'll find it straight away and get rid of them for about �40. We had several nests in our last house and wasps terrify me. Once the nest was as big as a suitcase! They also like trees and hedges but I'm sure the pest controller will find it.
If you can see a steady stream of wasps, circling around a particular area, then this is most likely the access point for their nest. My husband and I had noticed a few months ago that we were seeing more wasps than usual in our garden and every time we opened our wondows, we would get a few coming into the house. One particular day, when I was cleaning my son's bedroom window, I noticed several of them hovering around his window and as I watched them, I began to notice that they seemed to be arriving six or seven at a time and as they left, more were arriving. We called out pest control and the chap said that the nest was embedded within the guttering of the roof above our little boy's window (which is what we thought) and he stayed on ground level, hooked an extending tube onto the guttering and sprayed it and advised us to stay indoors for the next few hours, as they would become very aggressive. We couldn't believe just how many wasps were circling frantically after the nest was destroyed. It was truly terrifying to think of them swarming like that and we hadn't really noticed before. Thankfully our kids were never stung.

I would reckon that it would be unlikely that the wasps circling your bathroom window are doing so primarily for the source of light although this is more likely to draw them out as they are dormant during the night and avoid wet weather. You can either tackle the nest yourself (by spraying around where they are circling) if you purchase a pesticide, wear several layers of protective clothing and are confident that you do not have an allergy to wasp venom but personally, I would call out pest control. It's safer, easier and you are not risking your health by climbing up a ladder trying to exterminate a wasps nest because let's face it, they will be very aggressive when their nest is destroyed and it is best to be on ground level then trying to retreat down a ladder to safety. Good luck!
A month or two ago I noticed that wasps were landing on a porch window and entering a 1/8" dia hole in the frame. This happened many times. So I stuck a small piece of selotape over the hole and it cured the problem.

It does sound like you have a nest in the loft area and its the activity caused by your wife in shower that stirs them. With wasps I would highly recommend a professional call out, as they can be aggressive. If you don't have a nest though, and they are just wondering worker wasps looking for food you could look at installing a wasp trap in the garden, this attracting them away from the property and into the trap. A good trap is called waspbane, and its used in Theme Parks around ice cream vendors. More information can be found at
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found a nest 2 doors away from us..just where the gutter starts at the side of there house..this house is about 10 feet forewards of our and i can say for definate that these wasps are being attracted to the light ..our bedroom window had 4 wasps attached to it this morning and as soon as i turned off the light they all flew away I then went into the bathroom and turned the lights off 5 mins later i went out into the garden and the security light came on but there was no wasps to be seen prior to this there was 20to 30 hovering around.. spooky stuff ay..

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wasps attracted by light

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