throat & chest problems from sofa

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tigerlily211 | 19:14 Tue 08th Jul 2008 | Home & Garden
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hi does any 1 no if the marabel (Italc) sofa from land of leather is included in the list of sofa's imported from China, , my throat keeps swelling and i constantly have a bad chest and sometimes i find it hard to breath. ive noticed im fine when im out the house, but start too feel terrible the longer i stay in the house,


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I can't find a list of the affected sofas, but telephone Land of Leather and ask them which ones have been affected.

According to this site, they are replacing even those suites they claim are not affected: chdog/reports/consumer_goods/consumer_20080218 .shtml
I was interested to see your posting as we have quite recently had delivered a leather three and two seater settees from the Land of Leather. We were given their assurances that their suites do not come from the source that have given so many people problems in the past. I'd certainly like to hear how you get on once you have contacted them & please post back regarding what they say to you. thanks
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hi, thanks 4 the advise, i will contact Land of Leather, and get back to you with a reply,
Kind regards

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throat & chest problems from sofa

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