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nb1 | 14:32 Wed 30th Jan 2008 | Home & Garden
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We have a new Homebase just opened and their kitchens look really nice, but I also like IKEA, but I would need my old kitchen ripped out first doea anyone know if Homebase will do this as I know Ikea will. I also want a wood/laminate floor laid, but I am not sure if it has to be laid first


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usually they rip out your kitchen for you - it should be included in the cost - but you should always make sure.
When we had ours done by Magnet we asked them about the flooring. We were going for lino & were advised that it could go in after all the units/appliances had gone in, with a laminate floor, you may want to lay that first throughout so that there isnt an uneveness by the time everything is put in.
Ask a builder if you know one or Homebase themselves.
Dont put your new floor down untill after the units have been fitted because the floor floats(moves when you walk on it) so that means that your units could move. Also you get a better fit with the units on to a solid floor rather than laminate that moves.

Iwork for a bedroom design company and that is the advise we give.


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fitted kitchens

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