Tyrolean - where do you buy it?

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iheartruby | 21:24 Tue 04th Sep 2007 | Home & Garden
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We're having the front of the house smoothed over with tyrolean - does anyone know where this is bought from ? I assume it comes in a dry form in a bag like plaster? Looked on B&Q but can't see it.
Thanks in advance.


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Or am I being a dope - is tyrolean a technique rather than a product???
The reason I'm asking is I'm trying to work out how much per m2 to cover.
Cheers guys.
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You are right it does come in a bag in different colours. It is 'flirted' on using a hand machine. The powder is mixed with clean water to a creamy consistancy. It can be bought by the bag in building suppliers. Depending upon the mix the finish can be rough or smoother but you will not get a plaster type finish with the machine. The machine is a container into which the mix is poured and a handle is turned by hand which revolves a wheel inside the mix with tynes attached that pick up some of the mix and a bar inside catches the tynes and the tynes then spring free and flirt the mix onto the wall.
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thanks mr peter, very helpful explanation. i've looked on B&Q, wicks, beesley & fildes and the build centre - non of them seem to have it (on line, that is). do you know of any that do?
My son recently purchased the machine on E bay about �15.
can give you e mail address if you wish to contact seller as it is on e bay.
Better still type in TYROLEAN GUN into e bay there are loads of them and imfo
first half
First thing you need to do is get your mix right, if using a render type mix it should be PLASTERING SAND 3-1-1 (sand, cement & lime) with added waterproofer. Note: sharp sand is too dense! Mix to the consistency of thick soup OR follow the instructions supplied with your bagged Tyrolean product. You can also use white sand and/or snowcrete cement, lime and/or waterproofer. Make a mix in a large bucket to top up your gun noting the volumes of materials used (use a measure) to achieve consistency. Always keep your mix stirred each time you top your gun up VERY IMPORTANT.
Set the flicker bar to about middle on your gun adjustment on the comb.
Pour the mix into the machine and hold the machine square to the wall stand back about 2 foot, and turn the handle firstly on low splatter till you get a feel for it. Work from top left to right and then down and back to the left again, keep doing this until finished. It's not hard to do but you need to keep a nice steady pace going in order to stop any build-up. Best thing is to practise on a piece of ply or plasterboard before attempting the main work.
Move your body with the machine and don�t angle it away from the wall, move with it and keep it facing the wall square on, if you angle the machine from the wall the texture pattern will change, likewise if you increase the speed the pattern will change, if you change the mix it i.e. (wetter or drier) the pattern will change, it must be applied consistently. Do the whole area in one go don�t work to dry edges.
When each coat has steadied up a bit, repeat the process again and again, until you have the desired finish. DON�T OVERLOAD EACH COAT. You can always put more on but if you overload it will run and you will ruin the job. Move in a nice steady movement keeping the applicator at right angles and about 250mm from the work. KEEP THE GUN MOVING.
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Hi folks, my brother has got the gun from work, it's the actual mix I'm after.
Give it approximately 4-6 coats or more as required. Best results are achieved with patience and building up a perfect even finish by applying the next coat as the previous one begins to set.
It is very hard and sometimes impossible to match up to existing render so it might be worth it to Tyrolean the whole wall you�re trying to patch up.
It�s a very messy job so make sure you mask and cover windows frames etc up well as this makes a lot of mess all saves time later when cleaning up, and a floor covering would be advisable too.
If you are covering brickwork/blockwork you will need to apply a hand render consisting of a scratch coat 10-12mm thick of a 3-1-1 mix lightly surface scratched then allowed to dry. The top coat should be 10mm thick of a 4 or 5-1-1 mix with added plasticiser then finished off with a wooden float and also allowed to dry. (The lime is necessary because it moves with the building therefore reducing cracks). Allow to completely dry for a couple of days before using Tyrolean. Don�t do this on too hot a day and soak down floated walls prior to starting.

hope this helps
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certainly does wendilla - superb advice thanks.

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Tyrolean - where do you buy it?

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