plastering over paint

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trendypaul | 18:52 Sat 03rd Apr 2004 | Home & Garden
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Is it possible to plaster/skim over a painted interior wall? Wall is plastered and painted (in matt paint) but ti isn't very flat.


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The plaster has to bond to the wall. You could try painting the paint with a PDA glue solution prior to skimming.
It is not by any means certain that a bonder will work. The certain way is to remove architraves, skirtings, electrical fittings etc and then nail galvanised expanded metal lathing (XML) all over the area tightly to the existing wall (say large headed galvanised nails at 12" centres both ways). When finished check that the XML is tight to the wall everywhere and put in extra nails if necessary. After that, proceed as normal but being attentive to pressing the plaster well into the XML.
sandpaper the wall if u feel u have to but u should be able to just plaster over it .
Kudos to you Maude...while many 83 year olds would have their feet up and be heavily into scones and tea, your busy nailing in expanded matal lathings and knowing how to put a good skim finish on!

Splendid!...unless of course you're not really.......nah you wouldn't lie would you?

I am 83 on 10 August next, sft42. I had 5 years in the womens army, followed by exactly 50 years in the international construction industry. I am still a long way from dead, and sometimes, particularly after half a bottle of Bell's, get an overwhelming urge for a pair of muddy wellies and a donkey jacket again.
How about screwing plasterboards to the painted wall then skimming over the top, that way then you get a lovely smooth finish.
Maude's right. Whilst PVA glue is a good idea and so is sanding to get a key, this will only ensure the plaster sticks to the paint!
you have to take the paint off, thats the best way, 98 percent is good enough, and if you are reskiming you can do it rough. I have a special tool for this work, looks like a spade but its a scraper, its muscular work and dusty so if you arent up for it I quite understand, find someone with a construction vacuume and nothing to do, good luck, and dont listen to the knowall who says you can just plaster over paint, Its very stupid, I know I did it., you could I suppose get a machine for that, what about a heat gun, and tou could also try wetting the wall, works on wall paper depending on the glue.but youd have to scratch it up a bit first, wet it up after the days scratching, what about a wood rasp, real big one, a saw held on the right angle can be good.
what do you care if your walls not flat anyway, arent there more important things in life.
still its folks being particular wot keeps me in butter.

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plastering over paint

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