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new bamboo floor + dog chewing biro = annoyed bednobs

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bednobs | 19:44 Wed 20th Jun 2007 | Home & Garden
2 Answers
Help, brand new, 3000 pound floor made of bamboo with aluminium oxide varnish (from the manufacturers) on it has been inked with ink from a chewed up biro. How can i remove it, or alternatively, does anyone want a dog :-)
i have tried: soapy water, vinegar; white spirit.


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Hi bednobs, Have a look at this link, it might help you, hope so, that is a crap thing to happen, good luck, Ray
don't know what effect if would have on the bamboo if any, but hairspray gets rid of biro ink from a variety of surfaces such doll's faces, leather sofas and formica table tops to name but a few of my biro experiences...

It kind of dissolves the ink which you can then wipe up. But as I say, execise caution as I don't know if it will react with your floor. test on an inconspicuous place first I guess.

What a pants thing to happen. sadly I don't want a dog either as I have a very naughty dog of my own.....

good luck

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new bamboo floor + dog chewing biro = annoyed bednobs

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