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flying ants in my house driving me mad

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muckinish | 14:58 Sat 02nd Jun 2007 | Home & Garden
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Can anyone help me. Flying ants are making my life a misery.

About 6 months ago i bought a maisenette with my partner. Every thing was great until about 3 weeks ago when i woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink and there was ants every where. There was flying ants all over my front door and there was the non-flying ones all around the outside of my bedroom door. I nearly lost my life.

I got some ant spray and sprayed it but that only kept them away for a few days and now i notice that every time i wake up in the morning there is still a lot of flying ants only around my front door and now in my kitchen window. They only seem to come out at night.
Please help.


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Hi muckinish
Best thing is to contact The Environmental Health Department under you local council. They will come out and deal with the problem, but as you own your property, you may be charged.
These are not flying ants - they fly for a very short time in July, literally a day or two, and quickly die. And they don't fly at night.

But contact your environment health officer for advice, as suggested.
Ethel is right , though I have seen some ants out myself recently. only one in 120,000 makes it back alive after mating, what they do when they fly. because of predators.
Use "deris dust", they will take this into their nest.
You can also buy an electric bug zapper light. that'll sort out the others..
You may have years of ants down wherever they are soit ma take a long time, be persistent.
They are not likely to harm you
You can also use premethraprin , or Murphys pesticide concentrate, dilute and spray or pour it down their hole, beware this is toxic rhough.war gloves

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flying ants in my house driving me mad

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