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on a lighter note...dressmaking

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treaclefight | 17:42 Thu 13th Nov 2003 | Home & Garden
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i've never done it before, but i love silk brocade so much that i'm going to have to buy some, which means im going to have to make something. i need hints and tips, remember i know nothing so all advice is welcome. so far i have a sewing machine and some determination....


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Me again! Are you talking clothes or soft furnishings?
Sorry, just read the heading - dressmaking,! For that type of material a simple tunic style dress or top with a mandarin collar would work well. With silk (haven't used it much) make sure nothing can snag it as you sew - watch for stray pins etc that could ruin the material!
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thanks coggles, i am feeling rather ambitous, thinking of the full on cheongsam dress, but mandarin collars etc look difficult, very scared, never done anything this girlie before :-)
Buy a simple pattern, "Simplicity" I always found was the easiest. Pin and tack all the seams before sewing as the silk could slip. Do a small practice seam on a spare bit of material to make sure the tension is right. Don't forget to mark all the notches from the pattern when you're cutting out the pieces.Follow the pattern instructions and you should be fine. Good luck. By the way I started dressmaking with nothing more than a borrowed sewing machine and some determination. My most ambitious projects so far have been a silk prom dress and two velvet bridesmaids dresses.
I am not particlaulry good att his but my experinece has been that it is all and I mean ALL, in the preparation. The actual popping it in the sewing machine is really the smallest part. You will certainly need a simple pattern, some sharp scissors, pins and a lot of patience, tailors chalk is not a bad idea either so you can draw the line to pin along. Once you've pinned it, tack it and remove the pins, then you can put it in the sewing machine. Also remember always to wash your hands before starting otherwise you will get finger prints on your lovely silk. Finally my personal recomendation would be to have a practice run with some cheapo fabric before wading in on your beautiful expensive brocade. Good luck!
I do dressmake, and I find the one thing you must remember is to try it on before you sew. I usually try it on inside out pinned at the very beginning, then I tack and try on again. Making any alterations as you go. Nothing more disheartening than making up your lovely garment to find it hangs on you like a sack. Good Luck D
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nice one doris, i wouldnt have thought of that, i have learnt that preparation and patience are going to be the most important things, i will post again when ive made something, but keep the tips coming as im going to take my time and enjoy this (and thats just the fabric shopping let alone the making), thankyou all

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on a lighter note...dressmaking

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