net curtains for plastic windows

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DizzyDame | 18:18 Mon 13th Nov 2006 | Home & Garden
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I want to fix net curtains to plastic windows and don't know what to use. Can anyone help with an option that doesn't involve screwing anything into the plastic? Thanks.


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I've used suckers, the type with a hook attached to the sucker. The other alternative is to use small self adhesive coat hooks, sideways, and hook onto these.
you can buy net curtain poles from dunelm mill which retract in between walls as they have a spring
I have just moved into a rented property where I cannot drill and screw into the walls.

There are two types

- Net rods/poles (sold at cooperative home maker or focus DIY store) are little thin poles/rods which have little holes/eyelets in the ends and you can buy special sticky hooks for 25p that fit each end this sticks the rod to the window and allows the net to still move along the rod. I think I may use strong glue on the pads if they come away.

- Tension rods(sold cooperative home maker, argos) extend the the length you want and then with pressure they hold between one wall and another, so no sticky pads. But you do need a window which is sunk into the wall you know the type with a window sill because you need the wall either side for the tension rods to work. If the window is flush to the wall then it will not work.

Both these types of rods come in various lengths you choose the right length range i.e. 50cm-100cm and the rod/pole will extend/retract to fit any window between these measurements. There are lots of ranges you can buy.

I will be putting both types up within the next couple of days if you are interested in which is the best I will let u know.
I had uPVC windows fitted several years ago in my last house and I asked the fitters if I could fix things to them. They said that if you choose the the mitre line - the line where you can see two beams are welded like a picture frame, that seam is solid plastic and you can screw things into it.

I never did try it, so it would be at your own risk :)
I had this problem when we had new windows put in especially the bay windows which are curved. At the time my niece worked for Mostyns the curtaining people and she got me some wonderful velcro stuff.You stick the velcro strip on to the window peels off again if you ever want to change the decor or move etc.This strip has the velcro"hooks" on it.
She then sewed rufflette to the nets and gathered them to the width and I just stick them up. Brilliant ..I just peel them off wash them and stick 'em up again.Mostyns are all over the country so if you have one near you they may stock this.
Here are a couple of pics so you can see what it looks like.
Shaney, that's a brilliant idea! Might try it on my bedroom the nets too, very sparkly!
Moost DIY or curtain shops sell little self-adhesive hooks particularly for pvc windows, i use them but usually apply a lottle superglue first, as they tend to loosen on hot weather

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net curtains for plastic windows

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