Help! Lost gas card!

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showbizjunki | 10:00 Mon 06th Nov 2006 | Home & Garden
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I have lost my Gas top-up card and am desperate for a new one! I have tried to phone British Gas customer services but am informed there is a 45 minute wait (!!) to speak to someone. The Post Office dont replace them, as I was informed on the BG website.

If anyone knows how to get hold of one PLEASE let me know.....i have �1 left and its cold outside!!


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Be cold inside soon too...

Sorry, not much help but I couldn't resist. It's no consolation I know, but I've also had problems with British Gas. I think you are just going to have to suffer the call to them.
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I think your right!

The ironic thing is ive decided to change supplier now, but I still have to wait 45 mins to tell them!!
You can but them from your local paypoint outlet, which is where British Gas will probably direct you when you get through.

It will cost you �8 - they used to be free but started charging for them in September.

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Help! Lost gas card!

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