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Where is the best place to buy a kitchen

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wolf63 | 04:23 Mon 11th Sep 2006 | Home & Garden
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I am getting a new kitchen put in soon, and any advise that you can give would be great.

I have some Tesco clubcard vouchers worth �75 this will enable me to put �300 towards my kitchen at MFI. Is this a good place to buy a kitchen?

I need a new central heating boiler and for the boiler to be installed at the same time, would they do that sort of thing?


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I would be wary of buying a kitchen at MFI.

I bought mine at IKEA and it has been excellent.

Make sure you do not get the cupboards and shelves made out of thin chipboard.

Cheaper units have thinner shelves and better units have thicker shelves. The thinner shelves will bow under the weight of the stuff on them.
Note that BUYING the kitchen units and FITTING them are two different things.

I do not think MFI fit them but they may suggest local companies that do.

Note that fitting a kitchen can be a fairly long and messy job (and not cheap).

Try to find a friend or neighbour who had one fitted who can recommend the people that did it.

And DONT pay all the money up front for the fitting. Some people take the money and leave you with a half fitted kitchen.
I'd go along with VHG's advice. Don't forget there are a range of qualities, the thickness and density of the chipboard used in the construction of the carcases being part of this. Have a look at a few different sources, including independents and DIY sheds to see what the variations are for yourself, and how much prices vary. The style of the door you select changes the price of the Units a lot.
Selling kitchens is a commission-driven business a bit like double glazing but perhaps without some of the excesses of behavour. I'd ignore the apparent discount you can get with Tesco vouchers - you can probably strike the same deal without them. Don't believe the first price you are given.
The quality/appearance of the end result is VERY dependent on the skill of the fitter(s), so do be clear whether you are buying a complete package or whether you are buying units and finding your own fitter.
I would avoid MFI like the plague, eye still twitching from it 2 years on! Keep local as any chasing up is easier to do face to face (eye going again...!)
My husband has a building company and has fitted several kitchens that have been supplied by MFI including our own and never with any problem. His bad experiences have always been with Ikea stuff. B & Q ones are quite good too, as are Wickes but wouldn't recommend Homebase. As said by others check out the demonstration models for quality as obviously the dearer ones are better quality than the cheaper one. Also to find a quality installer locally look at websites such as Federation of master Builders, Guild of Master craftsmen or take up references from the tradesmans previous customers because not all decent trades people can afford to be members of the afore mentioned
I got a new kitchen last summer from B & Q it's really good and I don't have any complaints, but I got someone else to fit it as B & Q were too expensive.
We've just ordered a kitchen from Wickes and they seem like very good quality for the price. I'm sure I read somewhere that MFI is in big trouble and that they're trying to sell off the store part of their business for �1 per store! I wouldn't touch them with the proverbial barge-pole.
I am in the last few days of having an IKEA kitchen fitted, despite living over 2hrs away from my nearest store. IKEA have been fantastic throughout - nothing missing from delivery, delivery on time etc....My kitchen fitter swears by IKEA and thinks both MFI and B&Q are to be steered well clear of. IKEA units are very sturdy and the backs of the cupboards and bottoms of the drawers are not made of thin plywood, but thick solid wood. Fitter says they are a lot easier to fit than MFI and B&Q - although you do need a batten around the room for an IKEA kitchen as they have no recesses for service pipes. IKEA deliver all over the country & send on any replacements/missing pieces (not that I had any missing, but dropped a drawer front which chipped & got a free replacement sent) . IKEA highly recommended!! And a fantastic IKEA kitchen fitter too, who travels the country..
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you are definitely right about the MFI stuff. I used my Tesco clubcard vouchers on a new desk and filing cabinets at the end of the year. They are all scuffed and the desk tops look worn.

Ikea is a great place to shop. I live in central Scotland and I think that there is one in Edinburgh. I don't want to get the kitchen until I have enough money to get a good one with good appliances. No that I actually do any cooking, I can heat things up and that is about my limit. I can open a sachet of cat food quickly and that is the 'bairns' fed.

The kitchen that I currently have is a Schreiber one - but it is old.

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Where is the best place to buy a kitchen

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