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AJShep79 | 11:47 Thu 01st Jun 2006 | Home & Garden
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Hello all,

It would appear that someones devil spawn has put graffitti on my garden wall. I went to B&Q and purchased this expensive remover which assured me would do the job. After about an hours scrubbing and loss of feeling in both my arms the graffitti is still there on show to the world. If anything it stands out a bit more now as the wall surrounding it has been scrubbed so clean it shines!

Can anybody recommend a product which could help me and still leave skin on my fingers??


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i hope you get an answer to your question, but if you fail to remove the marks and have to paint the wall to hide it there are some good graffitti repellant paints on the market that other paints have a heard time bonding too - thus can be wiped clean more easily.

again hope you get the problem sorted without having to resort to a repaint - but it sounds like it could be an easier option to all the scrubbing (depending on the size of the wall i guess)

good luck
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its a big wall! thanks for your suggestion tho.

thats really awful, AJShep79, these guys come and remove it for you, dont know how much though.... also, have you tried ringing the local council, to see if they can recommend anyone or anything?....

best of luck.... we just had our car knifed.... delightful creatures aren't they? just because i caught them destroying our parish sign.....

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i would ask the council but i think the wall its on is a bit too high for the building regs so dont want to open a can of worms!!
lol.... ooops..... give those guys a call and see how much they charge.... i thought about maybe sandblasting? you could try HSS hire maybe and see what they say.... good fun.... but you must wear your protective goggles and mask... nag nag..... :-)
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i felt enough of a plonker out in the street with my yellow marigolds on scrubbing away yesterday! if i put goggles on too i think i might have to do it at 3 o'clock in the monirng when no one is around! thanks for the tips tho, unfortunately those guys dont operate anywhere near me (Wales) and i was hoping for a cheap option. Maybe an old wives tale that someone knows??
I put graffitti into and there were two products one �2.99, one �7.99. Might be money down the drain if you've already tried stuff from B&Q tho! Oh, and if you get some guys form environmental health round to clean the wall and you're nice to them and give them a cup of tea I very much doubt they're going to worry about the height of the wall. They might know nothing about building regs anyway, and they definitely won't know whether you had permission for it.Good luck!
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the stuff i got from B&Q cost me a tenner and i think it is more useful as a door stop than a graffitti remover so i dont think i will bother with the 'high street' stuff.

Won't ordinary paint stripper take it off? It usually strips off all types of oil (gloss) and car type paints.

I'd suggest contacting the Community Safety people at your local council. In our area they have a small team of people who go out removing graffiti and I believe they have a special substance that they use, although I've no idea what it's called unfortunately.

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