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How do I know if Building regulations apply?

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Shelle | 20:48 Tue 23rd May 2006 | Home & Garden
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Have checked some websites but cannot determine whether we are affected or not.

Last week our water tank exploded and consequently flooded a part of the loft and collasped half of the landing ceiling. A plumber replaced some pipings etc to stop the leaks. Due to asbestos being found in the ceiling, the entire ceiling is being taken down and then a new on plastered on. Does any of this work need to comply with the building regulations? Ironically just before this happened we were also looking into a new loft hatch and ladder being installed in the landing (on the opposide side to the new hole!!) and flooring put in. Whilst I would not call this a loft conversion, does it need to comply?

Also realised that while looking at new fires it might be affected. We already have a balanced flue fire installed, and are looking to replace it with a new power flue fire. Does this also need to comply?

The websites dont seem to be too clear about the smaller jobs so I hope you dont mind my asking you on here! There is always someone who knows the answer hence why we post on here!!


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Building Regulations are there to set minimum standards of safety, health and comfort in properties. You don't need to worry about them when plastering a ceiling, nor for installing a loft ladder. Its only when one converts the loft into a habitable room that BR applies. There are constraints on the position of flues in BR, but you already have a balanced flue, which would have been installed correctly. Suggest you ask the supplier of power flue fires about Regulations - as far as I know you can just use the same flue arrangement.

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How do I know if Building regulations apply?

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