will my olive tree ever bear fruit?

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emmabee123 | 14:19 Thu 23rd Feb 2006 | Home & Garden
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4 years ago i bought a tiny olive tree, its now huge, about 5 foot 8 tall, but has never fruited, is it likely to?




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It depends on where you live Emmabee - they need lots and lots of consistent sun to bear fruit.
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hi there

I live in yorkshire, my garden does get the sun all day long and it is in a sheltered spot, my fig which is the same age has lots of fruit.Would it make a difference to put it in the ground or do I leave it in the large tub its in?

thanks, emma

I have a feeling that the Olive might need another tree to cross pollinate despite your best efforts

Emma - fig trees are supposed to have their roots severely contained to help them fruit. If you have a really large container I'd be tempted to keep it in that. Alternatively if it really does outgrow the pot, plant it in the garden but dig a very deep wide hole and block in the sides with upright paving slabs or thick wood to prevent the roots spreading.

As for the olive tree, I guess it will need a sunnier and hotter climate than ours in the UK to fruit reliably.

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will my olive tree ever bear fruit?

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