Ruined carpet from delivery men

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leannec | 14:53 Mon 20th Feb 2006 | Home & Garden
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I had a washing machine delivered today and the delivery men have left black greasy marks all over my beige carpet in the hall from where they took the old machine away. I counted 14 separate marks, two of them measuring over 11cm!! I've tried carpet shampoo twice but the two big marks are still there. I've emailed the company to complain but would like to know where I stand. Can I get them to pay for a new carpet if they have ruined this one? (it's less than 3 months old!)


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What a dillema for you leanne.

However, I could understand if the dirty marks were from the soles of the delivery men's shoes, or from the new cooker - but seeing as the greasy marks are from your old cooker, I really can't see that there's much they can do about it.

Then again, they may offer to pay for your carpet to be cleaned by a professional cleaner, but I don't think they'd be willing to replace the carpert. Good luck though.


Didn't think it looked right!

Can you claim off their insurance company? Ring the company who sold you the washing machine, get the name of the company who delivered it (could be the same company or sub contractors), ring them and say you want money to replace the carpet. You might have to go to Citizens Advice to find out how to word the letter, but I think you are well within your rights, especially if you can prove it was done by this company. You could even ring your insurance company, and ask their advice. Good luck !
By the way make sure you have the receipt for the carpet.
This is just carelessness, they should have used a dust sheet or a runner but as it was your machine they were taking away when it happened you should also have taken steps to protect your carpet by covering it. They may respond by saying they were doing you a favour but if it was part of your contract then I think they should be prepared for this and are liable.
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thanks for everyone's help. I've got the receipt for the carpet and the details of the delivery people. I am waiting to hear back from them to see what they come up with.
Let's know what the outcome is leane.

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Ruined carpet from delivery men

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