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Boiler not working after running out of oil

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shelley2 | 09:49 Mon 13th Feb 2006 | Home & Garden
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I went away for the weekend and left the heating on - on returning the house was freezing and the light was on indicating the heating was on - the boiler was not making any noise, i checked and we had run out of oil.. How do i fix this - will it go again once i get oil put in? thanks for any help



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You need to go through the lighting procedure. It will be in the manual how to do this.
It will probably have air in the fuel line which you will need to vent by loosening the flexible oil line to the burner pump. Once fuel is coming through reasonably free of air then retighten the nut. Reset the lockout button and run the burner. It may lock out a few times more while it clears the remaining air and will need a few minutes to reset between each lockout.
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thanks very much to both of you - i now have the amunition to go have a look

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Boiler not working after running out of oil

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