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Curtains On Stair Landing

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Jaimsieboy | 20:40 Sun 17th Mar 2024 | Home & Garden
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I live on the top level flat of 4 houses.

There is large window which separates the bottom flat from the top flat where I live and I was going to put up a set of curtains on this window for privacy etc. but somebody told me that this could be a potential fire risk ?

Anybody got any suggestions on what I should do





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Everyone has curtains.  How could they be a fire risk?  

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Hi S....

 Yes I know that  but this window is between the ground floor and the top floor where I l.ive ...thanks for your input

Can your curtain finish at the bottom of your window?

Sorry I can't visualise where the window is.  In the hallway outside your flat?

I understand the problem, it's classed as a communal area and part of the fire escape.

I don't know if there is such a thing as approved fabrics or materials for these areas but maybe speak to the planning department of your local council and fire service 


You can buy fire retardant curtains and blinds, but you might be wise to seek permission via the managing agent first to save wasting your money if it's not allowed. 

An alternative is to have a film put on the inside which allows you to see out and light to come in but blocks the view from outside. 

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Curtains On Stair Landing

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