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Is My Plant Dying, What To Do…

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bluefortress | 12:48 Sun 03rd Mar 2024 | Home & Garden
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Bought a tiny Boden plant last week. I picked the smallest one as I felt sorry for it. However it seems to be fading/dying there are more brown leaves. 

It is watered and I sprayed a bit of plant food on it yesterday. I have put it in the conservatory as the bedroom windowsill is quite shaded. 

I don't know much about plants so wondered if anyone has any tips? 

The pic with the quality street tub is the latest taken today.



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Just guessing but ....  Don't over water it or let it stand in water.  If you have, try to wring out the earth (!) with kitchen roll.  And keep it in a warm spot till the earth dries out.  If on the other hand it is dry give it a small amount of water...  earth looks quite wet to me.  Should start sprouting more in spring, have patience.  

By the way what is a Boden plant??

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Sorry it is 'Biden - blazing fire'. I don't know much else other than it can be kept in full sunlight or part shade  

Thanks, I'l be conscious of over watering. I guess when you feel sorry for something it's tempting to keep giving it that bit more. 

How often does it need plant food spray, once per week?

Here are the main care requirements for growing bidens:

Plant in rich soil with good drainage.

Grows best in neutral to slightly acidic soil.

Requires full sun.

Will not require deadheading to produce new blooms.

Feed monthly with a general-purpose fertilizer.

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Redhelen thanks I think that could be playing a large part it hasn't been getting full sun. Going to leave it in the conservatory for a while and see what happens. 

Inexperienced growers of any plant can often be impatient and overwater or fuss over them too much. I'd leave it be for a bit and wouldn't spray it with plant food. Let it settle in.


Boden plant kicks up a google reference to cannabis. Biden kicks up a reference to something quite different.

I agree, most plants are killed by overwatering. I'd leave it in the conservatory. It's not an indoor plant though but it's much too early to put it outside, you need to wait until all chance of frost has gone. At least April.

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Is My Plant Dying, What To Do…

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