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Just Found This This Morning

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JinnyJoan | 13:56 Wed 07th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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If you shut your front door and curtains - do you see anyone?

If it's gated, wouldn't you as a resident be able to open the gates when you have visitors? You can let in whomever you're not locked in.

Do check in the service charges too but the estimated £70 pcm is reasonable. 

Question Author

shut the front door but sorta leave curtains wide open.  have venetian blinds and maybe at a later time when I am going to bed I close them.  

Gated means no passers by I suppose. No dog walkers to chat to but even if it wasnt gated you would miss them anyway being upstairs. 

keep looking and go for ground floor I'd at all poss. 

pasta that was the point I was trying to make in a ham fisted way.

Shut your door and you are locking out the outside - the gate does the same thing

Question Author

The houses are quite a way from the gates and even tho I don't know I would say for car owners etc - they would be remote controlled.



Locking your front door and getting in the lift to let Maxie outside everytime he needed to 'go' would soon get to be a chore, especially in winter.


But she would have a large balcony?

Its very common in America for dogs to go potty on the balcony - they put down pad trays and hose them off.

Not everything that comes out of America is better

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