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Ninja Knife Block - Have You Got One?

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barry1010 | 18:49 Fri 17th Nov 2023 | Home & Garden
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We've been thinking about replacing our ancient kitchen knives for some time and my wife has seen this on offer.

I'm not keen and think it's the name that is pushing sales.  

If you have had them for some time I'll be glad to know what you think 



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The reviews seem to be good, both on YouTube . . .

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I'm getting very sceptical of reviews, Buen

if you want it now barry topcashbaack have a 15% cashback deall

. . . and on Amazon:

However it probably depends upon what you intend doing with them.  If you and/or Mrs B are 'proper' chefs, who really need the types of knives that professionals do, it might be worth paying the money.  If though, you're more like me (who just needs to dice some veg or chicken occasionally), there are far cheap alternatives available which will cope just as well with such simple tasks.

I'm always wary of reviews too, Barry but, while it's easy enough to fake good ones, it's very hard to block bad ones.  There are 1218 reviews on Amzon, with only 3% of them being below 4 stars.  That suggests to me that there aren't very many dissatisfied customers.

I have always liked the Kitchen Devil knives. Have had some of mine for 15 years

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Thanks all, much to think about.  We won't be jumping in just because they're on offer 

I think the pleasure of having top quality gear,  knowing that buying cheap often leads to longer term disappointment, probably skews my decision to go with as pricey as I can afford, provided there is a large number of reviews that are mostly favourable.

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Ninja Knife Block - Have You Got One?

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