How To Maintain Oak Table

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OldChestNuts | 08:08 Sun 29th May 2022 | Home & Garden
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Just bought a used quality oak dining table and chairs.
Unfortunately, I forgot to ask the seller if I need to wax or oil the wood. So how do I tell which one to use? Is there any harm if I used the wrong one? I.e if the table was waxed, then if I apply oil - will this cause any problem.?


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If it's for use indoors, wax. It won't matter if it has been oiled but wax will enhance the appearance over time and be much quicker to dry.

Far more importantly, do not position next to radiators or any heat source and keep out of direct sunlight.
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I am not sure which way to go, because the dining table is located next to the conservatory door, means sunlight or high temperature will be present. Could oil be better to protect the sunlight better than wax?

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How To Maintain Oak Table

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