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Bazile | 11:34 Sun 14th Nov 2021 | Home & Garden
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Can you put a microwave in a skip ?

I know you can't put fridge freezers / fridges


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Different skip companies have different policies, best check with your skip company
Just put it in buried under lots of other stuff then if they say anything later, deny all knowledge.
it is considered unde the WEEE regulations and you should take it to your loacal HWRC
Where do the contents of skips go? Landfill? Can microwaves and other electricals and parts be recycled?
Microwave ovens aren't on the list of prohibited waste on the website of a local skip hire firm in this area:

As that firm is simply complying with national legislation, it's likely that other skip hire companies will have similar rules.

However all retailers of electrical and electronic goods are obliged to accept similar goods for recycling, even if the goods haven't been sold by them. (The only exception is where the retailer has paid a fee to be exempted from the scheme). So, for example, you can take your old microwave oven to any branch of Currys/PC World; they can't refuse to accept it.

Further, most household waste recycling centres (a.k.a. 'tips') have an area reserved for 'small electricals', such as TV sets, PCs, monitors and microwave ovens.
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