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Both Storage heaters not working

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mikeyh | 00:03 Thu 08th Dec 2005 | Home & Garden
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I have just moved into a flat and both storage heaters do not work. I have left the input turned up for a few days & night and output at 0 but no heat is getting released when I turn up the output.

I am wondering if there could be something I should be looking out for? I have three rates of electricity on my bill as I am on something called 'superdeal' (southern-electric). I have noticed that I have only used 6 units of 'night stored energy' since my last bill (end sept). It just seems a strange coincidence that both heaters are not working, are the storage heaters on a separate supply? (So the supplier knows it is night stored energy?) Could there be a problem with this supply?

Any help greatly appreciated




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You need to check they are all switched on. There will be a seperate consumer unit or fuse box for the storage heaters. Check this is on and all fuses are present and on if they are miniature circuit breakers (MCB).

Each heater will also have one or two switched fused spur outlets nearby. These should be down for on. Check to see if there are any more switches on heaters. Also check or replace the fuses just in case.

The power to these will not come on until around midnight but it is not unknown for the EB timeswitch to fail leaving them off. Can you varify with the previous occupier if they were working? It is unlikely both would fail completely so I would contact the electricity supplier if all the above does not work.

Is it a rented flat ? Then you should be getting your landlord to sort it pretty quick. If not ... even when they do work storage heaters are useless, or I have always found them to be .. .blasting out heat in the morning despite trying to contain it, and run out of heat by the evening when most people want it. Might be an idea to change it if you can, perhaps spread the cost on your bill. It does sound as if it is not drawing it at night which is what it is supposed to do. Usually there is a click and the lights dim for a fraction of a second when the night tariff kicks in if you have storage heaters, usually after midnight as the stanleyman said - we used to say it was the house telling us it was bedtime!

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Both Storage heaters not working

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