Artificial Grass On Clay Surface With Poor Drainage

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needawin | 22:33 Wed 10th Mar 2021 | Home & Garden
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Neighbour laying artificial grass. Soil is heavy clay with obvious poor drainage.
Would a good layer of aggregate with gravel on top do ok instead of doing expensive drain options.


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depends how much rain you get. It wouldn't do in my garden even though I have gravel drains leading to a soakaway
Are they laying it themselves?
We’re having it put down at Easter (a company is doing it) and they’re digging down a few inches and putting a layer of type 1, then a layer of quartz (I think).
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What your drainage like rocky
We’re on a slight slope where I’d say a fair bit of water runs into next door, but the ground does get a bit claggy after bad rain. I wouldn’t say there was a drainage problem though.
Quote (from a source where they seem to know what they're talking about): "Clay-based soils don’t offer good drainage. So, if this is the case, you’ll have to add a stone layer subbase. Make sure to choose a type one stone. Also, remember that the subbase should be with a depth of 50-100 mm"

800kg of Type 1 only costs around sixty quid
so that would appear to be a fairly economic route
Hard to say without a percolation test, but it does sound like Chris's links ^^ are needed.
It's the standard way to go. Otherwise there would probably be a great deal of unsightly "ponding".
It's also worth remembering that a stone sub-base only provides "storage" for the water.
Without drainage, once the stone is full... you're back to ponding again.
Have we established whether the Artificial Grass being laid is the type with a permeable backing? If it isn't, all the sub soil prep won't do a darn thing.
BA to Zacs...............

.......... although, no one likes a smartharse ;o)))
It's a bit of a 'check the fuse' situation, TB ;-)
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Thanks to all who responded

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Artificial Grass On Clay Surface With Poor Drainage

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