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jennyjoan | 16:31 Mon 08th Mar 2021 | Home & Garden
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Have had for some years the above with double oven - at that time I didn't know what I was buying ie would not have wanted a double oven unnecessary for myself.

Anyway the two ovens are like double glazed with pretty big enough gaps between the panes. If you as much toast a piece of bread the glass starts to fill with condensation between the panes and of course when toasting or cooking for a while the condensation turns dark brown and every now and again - I unscrew the panes wash and scrub them and bring them up like new again.

Just a thought I'm having - would it be dangerous if I never put the second pane back again and went on cooking.


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Yes Jj, they are designed with double doors for a reason
JJ they must be there for a reason. Perhaps the glass would shatter if you didn't have the 2 panes.
You must replace the glass
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pardon the pun - but they are a pane in the butt.

If I were to buy another cooker (which I'm not rightaway) - are there cookers out there with just the one pane.

Mine slide out and I use a Brillo pad to get them clean
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Barry - what would happen
The outside pane would get far too hot and possibly shatter. The gap between the two panes provides insulation, protecting you from burns
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ok - I'll put them back but do you know of any cooker with the one pane.
How about a cooker that doesn't have any glass.
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oh - could you provide a link please - cooker with no glass
Mine was a range style.

What type have you got? One on top of the other with one that doubles as a grill?
We have a double oven with the grill at the top but when using the grill the door is left open so no condensation.
My grill won't work without the door open.
Nor mine, Ummm.
Has this developed over time? If the glass has rubber seals they may have deteriorated & need replacing.
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thanks for answer
Just a quick question, JJ, do you never need to use your oven and grill at the same time?
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a quick answer Barry - no - use it either for grill or oven cook

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