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allenlondon | 12:29 Sat 21st Nov 2020 | Home & Garden
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On an adjustable bed, can you get some sort of flexible 'extra' layer to put on top of the slats, so that the mattress is firmer?




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Isn't a slatted base really firm anyway?
Perhaps the mattress just isn't up to it?
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New mattress, allegedly 'medium to firm', but maybe it needs a bit more. Mrs A is unwell, and finds she 'slips' off the edge (or very nearly), so I'm working on making the bed as firm as possible for her.

Try asking the people who supplied the bed, allen.
It sounds as if the problem is that the mattress has little in the way of edge support, rather than all-over softness.
All our beds have slatted bases topped with Dunlopillo latex mattresses, which are as firm as you would want - including right up to the edge. Many sprung mattresses don't have much edge support - difficult to improve, I would have thought.
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I might, barry, but they're bed suppliers (rather than experts!). Amazon flog things called 'mattress toppers' which might fit the bill.

Mattress toppers go on top of the mattress and are designed to make a hard mattress softer. It is doubtful any mattress topper could make a soft mattress firmer
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Straws barry, straws.

I sat on Mrs A's side of the bed the other day and nearly slipped off, hence the new mattress (delivered today). I'm just getting ducks in a row.

In a conventional bed, I'd find a bit of plywood to put under the mattress, but obviously wouldn't work with electric beds and slats that go up and down.

Is the new mattress no better? What is it filled with?
Could you get a bodyguard rail fitted to the side of the bed to stop her falling out if she gets very close to the edge?
Do they work with adjustable beds, ubasses?
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The mattress is better, barry - one of those vacuum-sealed jobs that expands over the 6-8 hours once it’s unpacked. After 3 hours it was a good bit bettet, so I’m possibly crying before I’m hit.

We looked at bed bars, but due to Mrs A’s bad oedema they weren’t viable.

She’s ‘lost’ 11kg of fluid in a week (in hospital), so fingers crossed she’ll be improved in a week or two.
Hope she improves too allen
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Thanks jennyjoan, appreciated.

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