Hand Held Vac Recommendations, Please

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barry1010 | 11:57 Sun 25th Oct 2020 | Home & Garden
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I need a hand held vacuum specifically to clean skirting boards, carpet edges and stairs. It must be able to cope with hair without brushes clogging. If it can vacuum upholstery and mattresses that will be a bonus, not an essential

Are you very happy with yours?


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Click on the video link below vac pic.
I've got a Duronic handheld...similar to the link below. It's worked with no problems for the six years or so I've had it. I use it for the same things...skirting boards, stairs, picking up loose bits. It's even continued to work after I accidentally dumped the filter in a rubbish bag when emptying it. User Recommendation
I've got a Shark...but found it to be way too big and awkward, in spite of its excellent suction. It's gathering dust upstairs.
They are solid pasta I agree.
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What model Shark have you got, Pasta?
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I'm put off by the brush head on the duronic. The women in this house seem to shed more hair than a pack of golden retrievers and their hair clogs the brush up.
It was this one...and it's gone up in price! User Recommendation
Oh dear...that Shark collects long hair on the brushes like it's going out of style.
Maybe the newer ones are better.
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I did have a lightweight, cordless Hoover (branded Hoover) to use as a second cleaner for the upstairs and stairs and had to get rid of it because it couldn't cope with hair.
I've had my vacuum for years and it works extremely well on the floors but it has lost the suction when the attachments are attached, hence the need for a small handheld.
In fact my daughter was trying to convince to invest in a Dyson and bought her new one round to show me just how good it is. After she finished cleaning the carpet I got my old vac out and it picked up far more than the Dyson - straight after the Dyson had been used. She was extremely disappointed.
Oh...I also found it awkward because its ridiculously long/tall, and I'm average height. It also doesn't stand on its own, it needs to lean on something. A nuisance when you need to stop mid Hoover.
Of course...double check these these things.
Did you check the vid on my attachment barry?
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I did, eleanor, but that would be a replacement for my vacuum cleaner not an additional hand held little thing :)
Yes true. I really dont know of any decent stand alone hand helds with decent suction.
I have been looking for a hand held corded vacuum for the stairs and upholstery.

Some of them are well overpriced and often cheaper electrical appliances can be just as effective. I have always liked Hoover items
but i am Not sure if they are now made in the UK.

It is the case that I have two upright vacuums (one upstairs, one down) both Hoovers and I am attracted to the following :- User Recommendation

We love our HoLife from Amazon. It's brilliant
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That seems a good price, Hans, well worth investigating.

eleanor, I have never been impressed with the look of the GTech range, the brand doesn't appeal to me at all
barry, the Gtech aiRam vac is very good, the hand held a major dissapointment.
Avoid the Black & Decker like the plague. It is rubbish. Doesn’t pick up anything.

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Hand Held Vac Recommendations, Please

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