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Painted Staircase And Paint Is Flaking After Three Weeks

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tony_mc | 05:59 Wed 26th Aug 2020 | Home & Garden
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I had a staircase painted recently - it was either previously stained or painted a dark brown. I wanted it white. The decorator quoted me £450 which was two include primer x 2 undercoat x 1 and final gloss coat. Paint has started to flake after a few weeks and we are seeing the previous colour - if all layers had been applied would that have happened?


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Hi, some of the old type of stains can be very difficult to paint over and can cause this to happen but without seeing it it sounds like a lack of preparation could be the cause. A staircase will over time get a lot of grease on it through people grabbing it and takes a lot of preparation to get rid of it and I mean a lot and it has to be very thorough. It wouldn't matter how many coats you put on. If it hasn't been prepared properly then the paint will peel though usually it would take longer than a few weeks.
concur with the shedman..I had dark mahogany stain on staircase took a good rubbing down..colour neutraliser ..sort of red stuff.. then primer..undercoat... top coat..... but all in the prep !
The staircase that you walk on or the bannisters?
Question Author
Thanks everyone and yes it is the bannisters - having confirmed this will I get another response
By the way is it just a straight normal staircase one flight or longer with turn and how long did it take to do. Just wondering, as got me curious.
The other thing to take into consideration is that the old paint/stain could have been oil-based and the new primer/undercoat/gloss combo is water-based. Unfortunately, your Decorator might not have known what the base was.

Assuming the Decorator is a good one, he should have sanded the surfaces to give the new paint a key. If he didn't, then you might be looking at having to sand the surfaces down and re-apply the paint. Where you go from there and if he'd charge you again is something you'd have to take up with him.

Hope you get it sorted, tony.
Was your decorator's work guaranteed? If so, he should remedy the problems free of charge.

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Painted Staircase And Paint Is Flaking After Three Weeks

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