Pyrolytic Ovens.

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Bigbad | 10:28 Fri 23rd Aug 2019 | Home & Garden
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It’s been 10 years since I bought an oven (Neff), and things have really moved on, haven’t they?
I now need to choose a new (double) one, but it seems like the upper-end brands all have a grill in the main oven. I didn’t want this because I think cleaning the oven ‘ceiling’ above the grill is virtually impossible, but now, for various reasons, I’m reluctantly having a rethink.

Do these pyrolytic ovens actually clean themselves properly, particularly above the grill?

Can you still remove the doors and take the ‘layers’ apart?

Do you have the option of being able to use an oven cleaner?



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It depends what you mean. The new ones that lock the oven and clean everything at a super high temperature clean EVERYWHERE. All the is left is a little grey pwdery ash which can be wiped or dusted out. I had one in America with the grill in the oven and will have one again when I win the lottery. The ones which have coated panels in them are cheaper and rubbish IMO. I can't comment about brand though
I have had one for 10years or so, and yes, they do clean themselves. They do it by getting very very hot, about 300ºC, for about 2 or 3 hours, burning off the grease. The door locks itself. You have to take the metal shelves out first. They are great and I wouldn't hesitate to get another.
Bigbad don't know if you want single width with double oven? We have a STOVES bought from ao have a look here and see which one meets your needs.
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Thanks for the link, TonyV.
I should have said I want built in.
Is gas or electric the source of supply?
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OK bigbad cannot recommend a specific model or make for electric, but ao will offer an installation service and removal service, as for me, I just leave old one on pavement, normally disappears the next morning.
Not about cleaning but we recently bought a Neff double oven and honestly you need a degree in appliances to learn how to use it. I did ask on here about pyrolytic at the time but decided against, I think some said when it does its thing the kitchen is very hot and full of fumes and has to be vacated.
Prudie I don't remember fumes from the one I had but yes there is heat. I wouldn't do it on a summer's day unless I had no choice
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Prudie, can I please ask if your Neff has a grill in the main oven?

One of the kitchen companies I’ve been to says that Neff racks and shelves seem to have been downgraded in favour of upgrading the programming.
Well I wasn't aware but have been to check - it has a grill element at the top of both ovens :-(
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Thanks, Prudie.
It seems all the brands the kitchen companies use have a grill in the main oven.
I know I could go looking for an oven elsewhere, but I have neither the time nor the inclination.

Can anyone answer the take doors apart and oven cleaner parts of my question please?
The one I have you can take the doors apart, and the rails inside come out. You won't need an oven cleaner, only for the rails if you like. I use Brillo pads on them.
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Thanks, Samuraisan.
The ones I looked at in a showroom didn't look like they had the type of hinges that would mean the door could be lifted off and taken apart.
Bigbad, it may depend if you need to or not.

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