Does anyone know how to...

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scatty mare | 00:40 Wed 16th Nov 2005 | Home & Garden
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...remove biro ink from a leather sofa?


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I think there is a method of dry cleaning things like pen and biros from fabric using Bicarbonate of Soda, but I wouldn't like to say if it works for Leather. I'll investigate and let you know if I come up with anything sensible.

(P.S Don't tell Mr Buenchico I have answered this post about leather furniture; he doesn't view me a suitable candidate to advise people on how best to tackle damage to furniture and household items.....)

I recall from my school days (pre thatcher) that milk was the answer for removing ink stains. I dont know if it will work on your leather but it may be worth a try
take a peek in Robert Dyas...they have things like that as my friend had the same thing and got something. Also, in there is a sponge by flash (it's about �2.00) and you dip it in water and it removes all difficult's almost a bit like magic...I have wooden floors and it's brill for those heel marks for example. And I messily spilt a drink down my magnolia walls and it got that off. So you could take a peek to see if that would do the trick even? Good luck
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Thank you all for your help! In future I'll make sure my boyfriend sits on the floor, and only uses pencils.

(mimififi - ha ha, don't worry, I won't say a word)
Have you tried baby wipes? They are fantastic inventions for baby bottoms but even better for getting marks off everything including upholstery and carpets!!!
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Thanks SarahG! Going to try out suggestions tomorrow.
I know that hairspray will remove biro from clothes but my daughter used it to get biro off her cream leather setee, it faded the biro and it eventually wore off, but try an experiment on a piece that is underneath where it won't show first.
Hairspray, strange as it sounds, does work. I recommended it to my friend, who tried it on her cream leather sofa, and it was fine - but as above, try it on a hidden area first!
hairspray works because of the alcohol in it. however other ingredients in the hairspray could cause the colour to fade. better to use isopropyl alcohol or ethanol available from pharmacies
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Thanks again! Tried hairspray first as it was nearest, and it worked a treat! Would only advise dabbing it sparingly with a cotton bud on a small area though as it's quite strong and might fade the colour , as tjb says.

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