Crochet.. Part I ( Brace Thyselves.. I Fear There May Be Other Parts ... Lol)

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hippyhoppy | 21:46 Sat 13th Jan 2018 | Home & Garden
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Having just got the knack of the blithering knitting malarkey (the Clanger turned out remarkably well.. thanks to those who advised).. my sister has decided I now need to now how to crochet... OK.. you tube here I come... only to read the pattern and it says 'crochet in rounds'... Shall I a)burn the thing, buy a replica and tell Big Sis I've done it all by myself..? or b) plod on and create a being from the planet Zog by the time i've finished..? Answers on a post card.... :-)


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PS: Don't confuse "crochet in the round" with "crochet in the raw". It's far too cold for that type of thing ;-)
I can knit, but have always been quite bewildered by crochet. I tried to teach myself a few times when young after watching my grandmother crochet like a demon. Never managed to do it. Let us know if you find a good YouTube video.
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I'll peruse the 'in round' tomorrow; ironically Mission Impossible is on in a mo... I know... Tom Cruise, but beggars can't be choosers.. I'll furkle about with your first you tube clip tomorrow, but concur with too drafty to 'crochet in the raw'.. Did you know that 'furkle' isn't in the dictionary.. ? I'll get me coat.. ;-) xx
Firkle is patiently awaiting inclusion.
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CleverJo.. If i have any joy I'll let you know... ;-)
Did you also know that there is no such word as thyselves? Thyself is singular, the plural being yourselves.

With compliments from the grammar police.
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Thank you Jackdaw.. suitably reprimanded... Namaste x
how to crochet, most basic stitches used in crochet, create your own cup -

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Crochet.. Part I ( Brace Thyselves.. I Fear There May Be Other Parts ... Lol)

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