Iron Cement

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jennyjoan | 14:29 Fri 12th Jan 2018 | Home & Garden
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Can anybody tell me where I can buy above. Thanks - quite an unheard product.


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Seems to be rather more a trade product that a DIY one JJ.
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Yes Mamy - have tried most of the DIY - I never heard of it until a visitor was at sista's - he got it somewhere - will get his number and ask where he got it.

There is a split between my guttering and neighbours - with result when it rains it pours vehemently between the split and back onto our brick walls - I am afraid of wall becoming damp.
Can the split guttering be replaced ? Usually better to replace than to attempt to bodge.
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I don't know Donny but did get guttering done last June by the travellers but do know that this iron cement should do the job.
I've found the best way to bodge a leak in a gutter is to use sheet lead. Clean and dry the affected area, coat the area with silicon, then nail the sheet lead into the bottom of the gutter, using cooper clout nails.
What type of guttering do you have ?

///guttering done last June by the travellers///

and split already, speaks volumes
Don't use travellers or try to DIY , get it done by a qualified roofing and guttering contractor .

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Iron Cement

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