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sandmaster | 17:42 Thu 12th Oct 2017 | Home & Garden
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I recently had a new consumer unit fitted and the electrician broke the seal on the electric meter in order to connect the two. I have advised my supplier immediately to protect them but they have replied saying I should phone for an appointment, this will take at least 10 days and there will be a charge of £160. My late father was a meter reader and often replaced seals for free on his rounds. As my supplier is in no hurry to replace the seal I feel they could do it when they next read the meter. Has anyone on here any recent experience of a broken seal on an electric meter?


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Tell them you are unhappy with the charge and therefore you intend to switch to another supplier. My guess is they will sort it out.
Now might be a good time to ask your supplier to fit a smart meter. Then, since they'll be changing the meter anyway, you shouldn't face a charge.
A further thought:
When your late father was working he was probably an employee of the electricity company (and therefore entitled to fit seals on their behalf). Nowadays most (all?) energy suppliers no longer employ meter readers. Instead they use the services of outside contractors, who're probably not empowered to fit seals.

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Electric Meter Seal

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