Changing A Letterbox Plate

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khaleesi | 21:50 Sun 17th Sep 2017 | Home & Garden
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i'm having a nightmare trying to change both the inner and outer plates to my letter box. As i only have a small letter box, hardly anyone sells my size, and the ones that do charge a fourtune. Does anyone know if i can cut the hole in my pvc door to accommodate a larger letter box, and if so what's the best way to do it. Or can i get away with a bigger external letter plate if i get one that opens outwards?
The internal measurements are 25 x 5 cm and the external measurements are 22 x 5cm.


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You could use a jig saw to make the hole bigger.
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i was thinking about that tony, but i dont know how i would get the saw in the right position to cut along the width after i've increased the height
Or maybe use a rough file.
I tried a larger one from Screwfix and had to enlarge the hole. I then saw the bolts were in a different place to the original. To cut a long story short, new door, £600. One expensive letterbox.
Maybe do what I should have done, get a joiner.
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oh my days sam, i'm so sorry to hear that. Whats a joiner?

a rough file, there's an idea. Im a bit worried now though
Could you not get the little post box attached to your wall - side of the door. Some neighbours have some.
Why do you need to change it?
If it's like mine, the springs break and then it rattles like hell in the wind.
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Well for one, i dont even have the front part of the letterbox, just the internal one which has faded in color and looks disgusting. I was thinking about an independent one jenny, but i'd then have a hole in my door.
I'm only changing it because i'm selling my house, so i dont really want to spend that much, and calling someone out to do it is gonna make it really expensive
Less than £20 at Screwfix, £60 for a joiner/carpenter as long as you are not in London. Let him get the letterbox so he is responsible for fit. Not a fortune when first bad impressions cost in a house sale.
If your door is PVCu then a carpenter might not want to know. I would enquire at a local Double Glazing company if they sell a letter box to fit your requirements, or if not where they suggest that you look.
I have used any number of local joiners and they nearly all fit windows,door, soffits etc. There is far more work in upvc than wood these days.
If you bore a hole for the jig saw blade at the top of height cut that lets you turn the blade to make the horizontal cut

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Changing A Letterbox Plate

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