What's The Name Of The Tree / Bush?

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Cmitchell | 20:18 Wed 31st May 2017 | Home & Garden
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What is the name of the tree/ bush? (see photo of a snippet in link below)

First saw it in a front garden in Derbyshire (I seem to think it was in the shade) about a week ago. The blue is really striking. This (a week ago was a tree) not very tall maybe about 7 feet tall or a bit smaller. Today I've seen what I'm sure is the same species appearing in someone else's garden (Lincolnshire) but this time it's appearing as a bush that's clearly been pruned/trimmed into a cube shape. I'd love to get one but haven't the foggiest what it is. At this point I dare not take a pic of either person's front garden!

Many thanks in advance



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I agree with others, Ceanothus. Its possibly Ceanothus thyrsiflorus 'Skylark' A stunning variety!
21:54 Wed 31st May 2017
Those are all pics of ceanothus (of which there are a several types, some evergreen and some deciduous). Beautiful bush.
keep it in check when you get one, CM. Otherwise, they grow from a shrub into a tree.
It's a great addition to your garden....I've had it as a tree and now have three bushes....bees love it....
I think it looks like those beady sweeties in Liquorice Allsorts....:-)
You mention shade, CM.....I have one in full in part sun and one in the shade of a large tree....all do really well but as Tilly says....keep it checked.....shape it to suit you....x
I agree with others, Ceanothus.
Its possibly Ceanothus thyrsiflorus 'Skylark'
A stunning variety!
I think we've got that - the bumble bees love it.
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I'd forgotten I'd put this question on. Many thanks for your answers guys! Yes I'm now sure that is! I saw them again this year. I sooo love them but unfortunately as my garden is north facing and gets v v little sun I think its a no until I move house [if ever : ( ] Regards Mitchell

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What's The Name Of The Tree / Bush?

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