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newbie99 | 17:18 Sun 26th Feb 2017 | Home & Garden
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I am thinking of upgrading my current fuse wired fuse box to te latest rcd consumer unit. I had two quotes from Rated People.
First electrician turns up and quoted for £480 who registered with NICEIC.
Second electrician turns up quoted £350 who registered with another body but not NICEIC.

My primary concern is that I don't get issued with full certification , i.e Electrical Installation Cerificate and Building Control Compliance Certificate.
What is the best way to get work done?
My sister had her consumer unit replaced last year and the company who installed it did not notified NICEIC. I only found out when I did a search of the record and no record were found of the installation.
Look like this practice is on the rise. Consumers are not protected.


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This sounds a bit odd to me, newbie. If an electrician is registered with any of the official bodies (there are are others - not just NICEIC), then they are usually certified to do the work AND give certification.
Perhaps they don't have the Part P (Building Regs) certification. They usually do have this.

Anyway, you need someone who is Part P certified. There is no reason for this NOT to be recorded.

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The problem is that installers are not providing registering with the governing body for the very obvious reasons (i.. less tax to pay).

I was trying to give the work to the first installer (£480) and he has not come back and gone quiet when I have asked the work to be registered with the NICEIC.

Is there a way of getting a company that provide this registration or maybe I just leave the upgrade option as it is nothing wrong with my electric at the moment??
Stick to your guns, newbie. It's a legal requirement that a consumer unit upgrade is notifiable to Building Control.

I honestly can't think of any saving to be made by them refusing to do so.

No, you're not required to upgrade if you don't want to. It's your choice entirely
newbie.......when ringing for a quote first ask for their registration number..if they wont give it move on.The chosen contractor will have to issue you with a completion cert and notify local building control to comply with part P.You should be issued with the cert BEFORE you pay...then ask for the notification number of the LBC cert.The contractor does not issue the LBC cert ..this comes direct from LBC after about a week.
Depending where you are, a distribution board change could cost £350/£450 for a dual RCD board or my preferred option would be an RCBO board for between £500/£600 ...assuming no extra work i.e. earth bonding is required.
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I have now got the Main Consumer Unit replaced with dual RCD and a new separate shower Consumer Unit installed by a NICEIC register contractor.

The contractor issued me with an Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC), but with the incorrect MCB fuse ratings detailed on the certificate. He has also notified NICEIC which I can check and see a notification certificate available for download. (Which I haven't yet to check the data is written on).
I have since asked the contractor to issue a revised EIC with the correct MCB ratings details.

I am unsure if the contractor need to notify NICEIC again as the MCB ratings has change (from 20A to 32A) to obtain a new notification certificate from NICEIC.

Another way of putting this question is: if upgrading the MCB rating from 20A to 32A (provided the cable is capable of carrying that current), is it a notifiable change?

Thanks for any thoughts amd reply.
If he changes the ratings he needs to update the EIC..or amend same if the ratings were wrongly inserted.No need to re-notify building control.(He does not notify NICEIC at any stage).. Have you received the notification receipt from building control?
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Sparky - thanks for your reply...

The contractor has fitted the correct MCB rating, but it was the EIC that was stated as 20A MCB instead of 32A MCB.
The contractor has amended the EIC with the correct MCB rating to reflect the MCB fitting in the Consumer Unit. I have received a Replacement Cert from
But not sure if this means the Building Control will have the details of the replacement cert details (with the correct MCB ratings as fitted).
The local building control office dont get to see the cert..they only receive a notification of the work done i.e. a new consumer unit fitted.They dont get involved or understand the technical side of the job.
We had a new consumer unit fitted in November last year. We were not given any paperwork. Should I get back to the company that arranged the fitting?
Tilly....yes get back to them...why did you pay before getting a cert?

It may be an oversight ...or it may be that they aint registered contractors!!
Question Author
Sparky - Thanks again for your valued input.

I have just received an eNotification from NICEIC showing the Building Regulations Certificate of Compliance.

But not sure if this contains the correct MCB ratings as the amended EIC. ??
Bright Spark. I didn't pay It was done through my Homeserve insurance policy. The electrician came and fitted a new consumer unit and Homeserve paid for it. It cost us nothing. must contact Homeserve..the homeowner should have a cert and a a building control notification.
Thank you Bright Spark.

Can you please tell me exactly what I need to ask them to supply?
NICEIC is a private body, not a government one. They are no more 'official' than any other 'competent persons scheme', so you don't need to have anything to do with them.

Simply ensure that you use a registered competent person
and stress at the outset that you require him to self-certify his work (as he's entitled to do)
Tilly....ask them for a Electrical installation Certificate and proof that a Building Control notification has been issued.I'm not sure but I think Homeserve are NICEIC members.
Just checked and Homeserve use local contractors so they could be registered with NICEIC...ELECSA..or MUPPET....sorry NAPIT
Thank you, Bright Spark. I'll give them a ring on Monday.

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