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Changing Style Of Conservatory

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peachybabe | 11:17 Sun 16th Oct 2016 | Home & Garden
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I had a plain "lean to" style of full glass conservatory built at the back of the house in 2002. I'm considering changing it to one of those half brick wall types. Same size and height. My question is will a new type need deeper foundations?



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Impossible to say, Peachy, without knowing how your present conservatory was built.
If it has a conventional strip foundation (trenches plus a continuous concrete foundation) then that will be fine to carry the load of a brick wall.

Conservatories under 30 sq metres in area are exempt from Building Regulations. If this is the case with yours, then you have no way of knowing the foundation detail without asking the original builder.
Peachy my only suggestion is to dig a test pit (a hole besides your exciting structure) to see how deep your foundations are now and then see what is recommended for new structure to see how they compare

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Changing Style Of Conservatory

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