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Single Light Switch Change?

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anthony25 | 16:37 Fri 02nd Jan 2015 | Home & Garden
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hi so my kitchen light switch is faulty as it wont press at all,brought a replacement ,removed 2 screws that hold face of the switch to the wall and ive 3 wires 1 wire going into l1 one wire going into l2 1 wire into com,yet the new switch only has l1 and com?...2 wires to go into it?


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Anthony, you've bought a one-way switch. What you need is a two-way switch. (L1, L2 and COM.)

I guess you have another switch somewhere else in the room to control the light from over there.
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there is definately only one switch in my kitchen mate lived here 4 years
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the old switch has one switch on it single switch no other switches in the room or anywhere eles
For sure you have taken off a double throw switch and are trying to replace it with a single throw one. You probably need to go replace the one you bought.

It's be interesting to know where all three cores actually go. As it's th3e same cable you might get a clue from the light fitting. May be that one goes nowhere. Aside from that, the obvious thing is to do as suggested. Take the one you bought back, get one that looks like the broken one.
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yes for sure but just spoke to my partner who lived here before i met her and says there were 2 switches in the room years ago although after work carried out by our local council they must of plastered over where another switch may have been so explains why there is a 1gang 2 way switch in here.
If thats the case then put the common wire in common and try it with L1 connected ...if it dont work try it with the other wire in L1.If it works put the spare wire into a connector to make safe.
Common in the 'com' and both of the other wires in L1 would work.

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Single Light Switch Change?

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