Who Would You Recommend To Install A Conservatory And Why?

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March-Hare | 16:42 Tue 30th Dec 2014 | Home & Garden
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Looking to add a conservatory to our house this year (in next 2/3 months) and wondered who you would recommend and why - and whether you have any advice in general. We're looking at Victorian style to the maximum allowable without any special permissions ............... over to you!


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Hi there March,

I would not know who to recommend myself, but I do know there is a federation of master builders. They are the largest trade association in the building industry in the UK.
Get recommendations for local builders. Specialist companies have inflated prices.
Ask around, take references from people who've already used the companies to erect conservatories. Any reputable builder will tell you where they've worked before on this sort of project.
I would always recommend a specialist to fit the 'conservatory' bits of it as they do this kind of thing all the time, they know their product and often supply everything and are quick. If you use a National recognized firm you will have guarantees. Local general builders do not put up conservatories for a living and you may not get the guarantees with the product. However, if you are having a brick or stone base there is nothing to stop you getting a few quotes from builders to do the foundations and brick/stone work and they are often happy to work with the guys who are designing and fitting the glazing.
Go for a drive around to have a look at other peoples. I'm cheeky enough to knock on someone's door and ask for a recommendation or not...
You do not need to use a National company to get expertise & a proper guarantee. Look for local window & conservatory companies, then see if you can find an recommendations for them - in general they will be much cheaper than the likes of Everest or Amazon & will still do a good job
If a local builder can build an extension a conservatory will be a walk in the park.
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Retro....I'm from a family of builders. I'm not talking rubbish.
Ummmm we have a building firm with five employees and a turnover of over £2 million a year. Good builders sub-contract to experts . They build an extension or do a barn conversion and get experienced carpenters to do the carpentry, experienced electricians and plumbers to do the internals,plasterers etc. Depends if you want a real job or a bob a job really.
OP I think the best advice to give you is to shop around but have your glazing and doors done by the company supplying them. Often builders work with certain glazing companies and can get trade rates on the actual windows and doors. Cheapest price is not always the best. I've lost count of the number of times OH's company has had to go and fix bodged jobs by cut price 'local' builders. Underfloor heating can be a good idea so you can use your conservatory all year around, and you can now get windows glazed with internal blinds you can close when its too hot -they are actually sandwiched in between the layers of glass -expensive but really smart.
I wouldn't go for the Victorian style if I were you, March Hare. That thrupenny bit shape at the end makes it awkward to place furniture.
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Odd...I didn't see anyone make anything personal....
Ummmmm you are talking rubbish.

Ummmm why do you have to make everything personal?


I used to fit conservatories and wouldn't recommend anyone get one.
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I wouldn't use any of the national companies you see advertising on TV.

Look into local companies and ask around your neighbourhood for recommendations, I wouldn't shy away from using a local builder either.

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