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Storage Heaters And Changing Electricity Supplier

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buffymad | 13:31 Thu 07th Aug 2014 | Home & Garden
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Hello, has anyone got storage heaters and who ISN'T with Npower? I need recommendations (good or bad) for which supplier to possibly move to. I have storage heaters for my heating and since Npower changed their computer system, there's been nothing but problems. Apparently their new sytem doesn't allow them to input the four electricity meter readings, it all has to be done manually by a specialist billing team! Brilliant or what.

After moving into my new property last August, I've only just received a bill the other day which takes into account my August and November readings - but not my February and May ones! This results in a very small bill, but I'm sure they'll be after the rest at some point and I don't want my monthly payments to jump massively because of their error.

I've been on the phone to them yet again and they've said they'll pass the information on to the bililng team (including my latest meter readings), but that it will take AT LEAST 28 days before they even look at it.

Considering I've had nothing but trouble since I moved and tried to open an account with them, I'd be quite happy moving elsewhere - but don't have a clue where to start looking, especially as I have storage heaters (I suppose that's Economy 7 or 10).

Any ideas please?


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I have storage heaters and am on an old and rather outdated tariff (used to be the RT21), few companies support this as you have discovered.

I am with EON, all seems ok with my billing.
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Well with Npower I'm on the standard tarriff as apparently that's all I can be on! Thanks for the recommendation!
Worth a call, they do a RHT (restricted hours tariff) that may suit you - good luck.
Ovo Energy has a good reputation for being among the cheapest of off-peak energy suppliers (and their customer service seems to be better than many other firms):

Note that it's Economy 7 that you should be looking into. You can't currently have an Economy 10 meter in your property because Npower doesn't support that tariff.
Sorry, I'd not taken note of your post at 1345. Economy 7 and Economy 10 both require that a special meter is fitted at your property, so that it can record when you use cheap electricity and when you use the expensive stuff. (Without such a meter, storage heaters simply use standard rate electricity all of the time).

Because of the costs associated with installing a new meter, many energy providers won't let you move onto Economy 7 or Economy 10 if you've not already got a suitable meter. However it's definitely worth investigating such tariffs. Ovo Energy is one of the cheapest suppliers overall but Spark Energy has the lowest off-peak costs (but higher at peak times). Co-operative Energy is also worth checking out. The only big firm with reasonable off-peak rates is E.On.
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Yes, I've got the special meter that takes all the different readings. Npower have botched things up very badly! Now got a new bill which says I owe twice the amount as previously thought, but all the readings I gave are wrong or missing! Definitely changing when I can!

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Storage Heaters And Changing Electricity Supplier

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