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Beko Tumble Dryer Problems

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foxyferret | 15:25 Mon 12th May 2014 | Home & Garden
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I bought my daughter a Beko condenser dryer 12 months ago. Cost £199.99. 2 days out of guarantee, it developed a fault. When any of the programmed cycles was used, it stopped after ten minutes and the "clean filter"light came on. The filter is always cleaned after every use and the condenser blasted out about every six weeks. Having made sure all was clean, I phoned co-op electrical. They told me to phone Beko who said because it was 2 days out of guarantee, it would be £80 call out charge, plus parts, plus labour. I was not too happy and went back to the co-op. They said I should get a qualified tradesman to look at it, see what was wrong and write a report. If it was proved it was a "manufacturing fault" they would consider doing something about it and pay for the report. How on earth do you prove if something is a manufacturing fault? I assume they are going to weasel out of it, say for instance if a part is broken. I don't see how it could be wear and tear after only 12 months and probably only used for 9 months due to last summer being good. If it is not a manufacturing fault, and it is not the customers fault, then whose fault is it? We have since found out that if you put it on "timed" as opposed to the programmed drys, it runs right through OK without stopping. However, when it gets to the end, the "clean filter" light comes on and also the "empty water bottle" light comes on. I know this was a cheap dryer, but at the time I could not afford anything else. I purchased this with my Barclaycard and wondered if it was worth approaching them. I am not sure what to do next, any advice on any of the above would be welcome, thanks.


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A retailer is obliged to remedy a problem (by repair or replacement) that arises due to an 'inherent fault' (which was there at the time of purchase) for 6 years after the date of purchase. For the first 6 months of that period there's an automatic assumption (unless there's clear evidence to the contrary) that any problem must be due to an inherent fault. Thereafter it's up to the customer to show that an inherent fault is the cause.

So the Co-op seem to be working within the law. However, although many websites state that the customer must 'prove' that the problem has come about through the presence of an inherent fault, I can see no reason why the normal assumptions of civil law shouldn't apply, meaning that you'd only have to 'show' (based upon the balance of probabilities) that the problem was due to an inherent fault. So simply challenging the Co-op to suggest any reasonable alternative cause might be enough to secure your rights. (i.e. a bit of hassling might be worthwhile!).

Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act makes Barclaycard jointly liable with the Co-op for ensuring that your legal rights are met but that may well not help you as Barclaycard could also point out, that because it's over 6 months from the date of purchase, it's up to you to prove/show that an inherent fault lies behind the problem.

The 12 month guarantee from Beko is irrelevant here, since it's entirely separate from your statutory rights with the retailer (and card company). However the threat of bad publicity can often change the attitude of a manufacturer, so hassling them again (with mention of 'going to the press') might still be worth a try.
Google beko tumble dryers, there is a fault on some
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Thank you both for your answers, I think I will try to get it fixed as long as it is not a crazy price and see if the repairman finds an "inherent fault". If so, I will call the coop again and see if they are prepared to do anything about it.

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Beko Tumble Dryer Problems

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