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Really Soft Bedding

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Eve | 18:35 Thu 06th Mar 2014 | Home & Garden
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I'm after some really nice and soft bedding but in a cotton type fabric rather than anything silk/satin like or jersey.

I was looking on Argos and they have 100% Egyptian cotton bedding which is £11 more than their standard value sets (£10.99) for a double which is polycotton.

Would there be a big difference in softness between the two?

I'm also looking for something which is easy to wash and dry (basically just chucked in the tumble drier after washing) and doesn't need ironing.

They have the non-iron at £16.99 which is also poly cotton.

I just want something lovely and soft if anyone has any suggestions?


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We have some Egypian cotton bedding but it scrumples - I'm too tight to tumble dry it so I don't know if that makes any difference (and I don't iron it as I can't be arsed).
100% cotton will soften up with repeated laundering whereas polycotton just goes bobbly. Plus, after 20 years, 100% cotton is good for cutting up into dusters.
Isn't the best bedding supposed to be linen?
Question Author
Hmmm, I'm trying to avoid crumpling stuff, I don't do ironing! :)

I never thought of linen bedding, sounds like it would be expensive though?

It's that many washed really soft feeling that I want, rather than the ones you can get in places like Primark which just have a bit of a rougher feel to them.

I'm just about to get rid of some bobbly polycotton sheets.
I have a couple of flannelette duvet covers. They are nice and warm but do crease. I never bother to iron them as I am all on my own. Lol.
I've got cotton bedding and have to say it crumples to buggery and back, I put up with it as it's sooo much nicer than sleeping under polycotton.
If you don't want to break the bank M&S do lovely sheets .Tencel ,or the cotton rich Percale ones .They don't bobble and remain lovely and smooth and soft.
I always buy Egyptian cotton fitted sheets and pillowcases. They do crease but I only iron the pillow cases, which are then lovely and crisp to lie on. I use non iron poly cotton quilt covers.
All my bedding is cream or white. Then it's easy to mix and match.
m and s cooton tencel...lovely heavy soft stuff, no pilling (have had for two years) and no ironing
I don't iron either but still love the pure cotton. I find poly cotton bobbles after awhile.
Eve have heard of the Tencel sheets from M&S - thinking of getting them myself - just a had look on the site - only single sheet - all sizes out of stock. Maybe you can get Tencel in Dunelm. JJCon
Polycotton is just an itch fest under covers,

Linen is the only way forward.......and I don't iron mine!
Question Author
Thanks all. I've been having a look on M&S and they aren't as bad a price as I thought they might be. Just may need to rethink my colour choice haha, they don't seem to like black bedding!

That said, I had a black satin like (but cheap a la Primark) one which is too warm and too shiny for my liking. Love the pillowcases though.

There is quite a nice mulberry colour though.

Dunelm won't let me see pictures of anything at the mo but will check back there. I never think of checking there as it's more of a faff to get to without a car. Will have a look later if they let me have pictures then.

I looked up some linen ones but they are a bit out of my price range.
Linen is pricy, but it is worth every penny.

I buy in the sales.
Silk's the answer , if you can afford the arm & the leg!
I think some of you are mixing up polycotton with polyester.
Polyester is slippery, bobbles easily and isn't breathable.
Cotton is breathable and durable but crumples to buggery.
Polycotton is breathable, feels more cottony than man-made and washes and tumbles well.
I know my bedding ;)
I too like polycotton bedding, it doesn't crease and get hard like pure cotton, and can be tumble dried or line dried, and needs little ironing, mine haven't gone bobbly and some of them are about 10 years old!.......
The only bedding worth sleeping under is 100% cotton or linen. Who cares about the crumples? Polycotton and polyester are nasty, sweaty beasts.
I don't agree that polycotton is sweaty, but then it depends on the mix.
A 70% polyester 30% cotton blend is going to be less nice than a 50/50 blend or thereabouts.
You can't really go wrong with a 50/50 and upwards cotton-wise in my opinion.
The higher the thread count on cotton the softer it is but when you get up to 600 thread count you will pay an arm and a leg.

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