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E.R. | 21:16 Thu 08th Aug 2013 | Home & Garden
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I want to buy a reliable coffee grinder and would like some of your advice please.



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Almost any grinder is ok. My woman has a hand cranked one, I use a small electric one. I'd have thought the more interesting question would concern which coffee brewing machine to get.
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Thanks for replying Old Geezer. I have several electric c. makers none of which please me so I have just bought one similar to my old original stove top one with a basket inside. I now need a fairly coarse grind for it and hope to buy the beans and grind them myself.
I have a Cuisinart coffee grinder. The one I have allows you to choose the coarseness of grind to suit whatever coffee maker you choose to use.
Just make sure it's a "burr" type grinder rather than a "blade" type. The burr grinders are more expensive but are better quality and the blade heats up the beans by repeatedly striking them in the grinding process and it does have an affect on the quality of the coffee.

The burr grinders come in two types... the wheel and conical. The wheel burr grinder is less expensive but tends to be noisy. The conical is the best but is about twice the price of the wheel burr grinder. Here in the U.S. a good cone burr grinder costs about $325 for a really good quality... which is about twice the price of a whell type... Blade grinders are quite inexpensive... perhaps about $30.

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Coffee Grinders

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