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Ferns - or Any Other Rockery Plants

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dmsjps | 21:14 Wed 06th Jul 2005 | Home & Garden
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I honestly thought I'd asked this question the other night, but I obviously forgot to press 'submit'! DUR!


Anyway, we're putting a pond in our garden and will have a waterfall at one end with a rockery around it. I love ferns, but they're so expensive at the garden centre. However, in the scruffy back yard of the place I work there are loads of them growing and I'm sure my boss will let me have some if I ask. Will they be the same ones I could buy in a garden centre or are there some ferns you shouldn't put in your garden? Sorry, I'm a complete novice in the garden at the moment, but I'm trying!


Also, what other plants will look nice, won't cost the earth and be easy to look after in a rockery? I've seen those miniature confiers, but I wouldn't want more than a few of those.


Thanks very much for any suggestions.



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You forgot the most important piece of imformation.  Is the pond in the sun or shade.  How much of each depends on what you should plant around it.  For instance, my pond/waterfall receives late morning/midday sun, shaded from the hot summer afternoons by coco palms but recieves most of the low winter sun.  With that in mind, my pond area has as an upper canopy of coco palms, middle story - tree ferns, lower story-azaeleas, flowering seasonal seedlings eg: pansies etc.and around the water fall l use miniature climbing geranium.  lt is a slow grower but is easy to spread with off cuts.  If you are not sure ask a professional nursery man.  Good luck. 

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Ooops, told you I was a novice! The pond itself will be half in sun/half in shade, but the waterfall and rockery where I want to put new plants is completely in shade.



Take a look at this website to help you on the fern part of your question...

Good luck!

What l probably should have asked is where you live as we could be opposite ends of the earth.  l am in Melbourne, Australia.  If you are not isolated too much try a library for free info.  l was a novice once and propably still are, but when people come here they always commend me on my garden and say it is like a tropical oasis.  l dont know about that but l suppose it is what you are used too. l love it.  lt is my way of staying sane.

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Ferns - or Any Other Rockery Plants

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