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Gromit33 | 15:10 Sat 01st Sep 2012 | Home & Garden
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Hi all,
I used to collect silver foil from food packaging for a local woman (I live in Northants) who could sell it to raise money for charity. Unfortunately she no longer collects it. Does anyone know of any other charities who might have use for it? Have 2 bin bags full waiting for a good home. Thanks.


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I asked Friends of the Earth this question some years ago. They said I should roll it into balls and put it in the can-recycling hoppers at the local recycling depot. I still do this, but I don't know if it is still the best thing to do.
Gromit: you do know that the foil isn't actually silver? It's aluminium!
Just checking!
When I was a kid we used to collect milk bottle tops for Guide Dogs charity. Don't know if they still do this, I just recycle mine
When I was a young child I collected silver foil and milk bottle tops and gave them to my grandma. I once asked her what she did with it. "Oh I give it to Mrs Bloggs" she said. "What does she do with it?" I asked. "I think she gives it to Mrs Smith". I asked some of my friends whether they collected silver foil and if so what happened to it. Amongst a number of us that did make collections there were a few common recipients in the chain where the foil was handled.But none of us could discover where it ultimately all ended up.

We could only assume that there was this huge collection of silver foil being handed around the country from (usually) woman to woman but nobody could tell us where it ended up or what finally was done with it. As far as I know this stuff is still moving around with no ultimate destination and I imagine the local woman in Nothants has probably got some of the stuff I collected and gave to my gran !!

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Silver foil collection

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