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Loos Flush Issue

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Eve | 21:56 Wed 25th Jan 2012 | Home & Garden
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I had a problem with it nearly a year ago (
but I managed to get it to behave (well, faffed a bit and it worked again). There is a photo and some more details on that thread.

I woke up this morning and could hear a noise like when it's filling with water which was odd. Thought maybe one of the cat had managed to press the flush (on top of the loo) even though I have a basket with stuff in over it (for catproofing purposes).

So I checked and the press in thing to flush was further down that it usually is (ie when pressed down) and wouldn't come back up.

I unscrewed it and took the lid off and had a fiddle. It was still filling and tried putting the lid back on and screwing the flush push back in but it's still down like when pressed in.

I'm stumped! I cant feel the mechanism moves for it to have slipped down or something or if it should be lifted with water (it had water in when I got home and tried it and could flush it manually - thank goodness!).

Same thing when I got home earlier and had another fiddle (pre and post flushing it manually) - hoped it had magically fixed itself!

I probably need a new mechanism thing inside generally but is there anything I can do to get it to work and flush in the meantime (without having to dismantle the top)?

Help and thank you!


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No real solution for you but I can say what I'd be tempted to do. In the time before you get it replaced why not just leave the top off ? You can always put it back on if you have visitors, and surely you can close the door to stop the cat opting for its cold bath.
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Tempting and a good idea though nothing worse than a nosy cat wondering why they have been shut out so think I'm going to err on the side of caution. I know they are too big to get in the space but never underestimate a cat haha!

I'm still living in hope it will miraculously fix itself! Thanks for replying :)
Hiya Jenna ............. assuming it isn't the button that's getting stuck halfway down, then it's the flush mechanism itself. They do vary, but often, it can be removed with a quarter turn anti-clockwise. If you can get it out, just identify the slidey bits and rub a bit of Vaseline on them ............ you can stop that giggling now Missy ;o) You could do the same to the button mechanism.

The flush valve is probably just sticking a bit. Even if it doeasn't come out, you'll easily be able to work out which bits are meant to move freely.
You can operate the flush manually by pushing the central shaft down.
I just hope your Mother's not reading this................
Question Author
Haha :) Thank you! Will have a fiddle with it. Do I need to turn any water off or anything first?
No, not for that............. good luck :o)
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Had a fiddle but it needs replacing. My neighbour came round when I knocked on in a panic as I couldn't get the water filler thing to stop when the mechanism went up so was worried in case it'd flood or something.

Neighbour pointed out the overflow (ah!) and showed me where to turn the water off (ah again!) and sorted it for now but needs a new one, hence new post!

Thanks for your help :)

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Loos Flush Issue

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