union briquettes/brown coal/lignite

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what..the? | 20:13 Wed 11th Jan 2012 | Home & Garden
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I have a multi fuel stove in the living room for warmth I have put scavenged wood on it so far but on ringing the coal man he said Union Briquettes were popular and he could supply 20kg plastic sacks for £6.50. I have looked into the brown coal and it appears to be a low quality coal with high moisture content and says it is often not worth exporting/importing due to high moisture content which means it is poorer in grade and energy per weight than the higher grades. Any advice greatly received


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This is not an area in which I claim any expertise (nor does anyone else, judging from the answers) but I can websearch as good as anyone else.
You could try this national website to get product information and rough price comparisons.
Brown coal (lignite) is definitely lower quality, with far less carbon in than higher grade coal. So not only do you get less heat for your money but the water has to be driven off up the chimney (which wastes heat) and the impurities increase the rate your flue gums up. But I can't quantify 'lower quality' in meaningful comparable terms.
When I was a kid, the coal ovals were the thing to use for stoves - the coal was high quality coal dust that had been compressed back together.
I wouldn't muck about considering lignite.
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thanks for that :)
Smokeless Fuel might be worth considering as it gives off very good heat.
I used it on my Open Fire a few Years ago as it heated my Back Boiler and Radiators.
You can use it mixed with your savenged wood
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I am thinking of trying Eco heatlogs/briquettes

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union briquettes/brown coal/lignite

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